Pre-filling time cards

Whenever you enter time in Time Card in one time period and then go to another period, a lot of projects stay in the field. This is good for some employees who work on the same projects or jobs all the time, but others are working on different jobs. 

CORE allows you to pre-fill your time cards with the most recent projects and activities, if you prefer to have that setting. It also allows you to pre-fill the projects and activities based on the allocated tasks or a combination of the two settings. To do so:

  1. Go to your company menu > User Preferences > Time.

  2. Under Auto-fill Time Card Options select the relevant option. For example, if you select the option Suggest the last ___ projects/activities, and enter a number, say 10 in it, CORE will pre-fill the time card grid with 10 previously used projects and activities. If you enter 0, CORE will no longer pre-fill the time card grid with previously used projects and activities.

  3. Save the preference. This is implemented on an individual basis and is not a company-wide setting.

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