Tracking comp time for employees

You can use CORE to track employee time and use that information to calculate their earned compensation time. Check CORE Help Center for details.

Follow these steps to calculate the comp time or watch this video:

  1. In the Employees screen, in the detail view, go to General > Dates & Hours > Comp Time Details.
  2. Set the Frequency and Hours. For example: Employee gets compensation time for any time worked over 8 hours daily. In that case, Frequency=Daily and Hours=8.
  3. Make one time entry for all the compensation time that the employee currently has banked. Use your company's overhead project and a non-billable (but not GEN:COMP) activity item for this entry.
  4. Run any employee comp time report (Report Center). You should now see the banked comp time for that employee.
  5. When the employees use comp time, they should enter the code GEN:COMP for logging that time. This will decrease their banked hours or comp time. You can have negative comp time by using the code GEN:COMP for more hours than you have banked.

Note: GEN:COMP can be replaced by any activity item you want by going to Settings > Time & Expenses > Personal Time Off and selecting the item you want your employees to use.

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