Setting up multiple bill rates using Fee Schedules

CORE has a feature called the Fee Schedules that allows you to bill your employees at different rates per project or activity. To do so:

1. Open the Fee Schedules screen from Settings > Projects.

2. Click Create New to create a new fee schedule by entering the required data.

3. Each line in the fee schedule for services can be defined by a combination of Resource (employee or vendor) and Activity (or activity group). See examples below.

Example 1: You want all employees to bill a specific activity (Field Inspection) at a specific rate (150/hour). For that, you will set Resource to All Employees, Activity to Field Inspection and Bill Rate to $150.   
Example 2: You want employee A to bill out at a rate of $200 for any activity. For that, you will set Resource to employee A, Activity to All Activities group and set the Bill Rate to $200.
Example 3: Employee A works at multiple rates on multiple activities. He charges a different rate depending on what he is doing. On Activity 1, he works at $150 an hour. On Activity 2, he works at $105 an hour.

This would be done with multiple line items.

Line 1: Set Resource to Employee A, Activity to Activity 1 and Bill Rate to $150. Then add another line item to the fee schedule.
Line 2: Set Resource to Employee A, Activity to Activity 2 and Bill Rate to $105. Do this for as many different rates as needed.
Example 4: The engineering group uses several different activities that bill at the same rate. Set up an employee group called Engineers. Then create an activity group called Engineering. In the fee schedule, set Resource to employee group Engineer, Activity to group Engineering and Bill Rate to $200. Check Create New Fee Schedules for details.
4. After you have completed setting up your fee schedule, you must assign it to the projects.
Note:  This only affects the newly created time entries.
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