Where parameter is not working as expected

User is trying to retrieve projects with active status by using the where clause on the Project List endpoint. However, the query fails and returns a 409 Conflict error.

Query URL:



409 Conflict
"ErrorCode": null,
"Key": "InValidMemberValue",
"Message": "Exception of type 'BQECore.Model.BQEException' was thrown.",
"CorrelationId": "813f8384-aaeb-44ec-8f6a-f37336843d18"

This happens because the status property in the Project object is an enumerated type and the APIs only recognize the enum values and not their descriptions or names. Thus, you need to pass the enum value in the where clause as explained in the documentation. You can check the values of enumerated types in the documentation by clicking on the link in the Format column against the property in the object table. For example, in the case of status in the Project object, click on the ProjectStatus link and it opens the ProjectStatus enum definition:

enum def.png

Thus, the correct where clause to retrieve active projects is:

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