How to find out PTO hours for employees

You can easily check how many hours were marked as PTO (Personal Time Off) for an employee with the help of a Dashboard widget or PTO info bars.

  • Dashboard Widget: If you have the necessary permissions, you can view PTO information on the Paid Time Off and Comp Hours dashboard widget. This widget allows you to filter by date and employee, providing a quick overview of PTO usage. However, you must ensure you have the 'Allow read' security permission under the HR Benefit Usage feature to view this information on the dashboard widget.
  • PTO Info Bars: The info bars in the Personal Time Off Requests screen show data for the currently logged-in user. If you're looking to track PTO usage for individual employees, you can open the details (detail view) of any PTO request, where the Edit Personal Time Off Request screen displays the PTO usage of that particular employee.

Note: Ensure you have the appropriate security permissions to view or edit PTO information.

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