Proposal Builder

The Proposal Builder feature is a powerful tool in CORE CRM that is designed to assist in creating detailed and customized proposals for your prospects. It offers a range of document processing options that enhance the process of creating proposals.

You can access the Proposal Builder feature from the side menu > CRM > Sales > Proposals.

Here are some key functionalities and benefits of Proposal Builder:

  1. Sales Quotes or Estimates: If you have already created a sales quote or an estimate for your prospects, you can insert it directly into the Proposal Builder. This allows for a seamless integration of detailed financial estimates into your proposals.

  2. Sales Letter Cover: You have the option to write a covering sales letter within the Proposal Builder, providing a personalized introduction or summary to accompany your proposal.

  3. Formatting and Customization: The Proposal Builder offers extensive formatting options. You can format text, add and edit tables, insert and manipulate images, and include hyperlinks. This allows for a high degree of customization to match the proposal to your brand and the specific needs of the prospect. Your toolbar comes with the capability to highlight text with background color and change to lowercase/uppercase. You can also format text as headings, code, or quotation. If needed, you can remove formatting from text.

  4. Editable Quotes: Quotes inserted into the Proposal Builder can be presented as editable tables. This flexibility allows you to make last-minute adjustments or tailor the financial details to better suit the prospect's requirements.

  5. Smart Fields: Smart fields can be inserted into the proposal as placeholders for dynamic content such as the prospect's name, company, etc. CORE automatically replaces these placeholders with the actual values when sending out emails, ensuring that each proposal is personalized and accurate.

  6. Export and Print: When your proposal is ready, you have the option to preview it within CORE. After reviewing it, you can choose to export the proposal to a Comma Separated Values file format. You can also download the proposal from the detail view and print it.

The Proposal Builder is designed to streamline the proposal creation process, making it easier to produce professional, customized proposals that communicate the value your company can offer to prospects. Check out this article for details on how to use a proposal builder.

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