Time Card Monitoring

Time Card Monitoring in CORE is a feature that allows managers to send reminders to employees when their time cards are due. Time Card Monitoring settings can be configured at the global level to ensure that all your employees submit their time cards on time. 

You can access and configure these settings from the side menu > Settings > Monitoring.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Setting Up Monitoring: You can set up time card monitoring with a minimum of two days to monitor. Depending on the current day, CORE allows you to choose the relevant option from the drop-down for when the reminders should be sent. For example, if it is Monday, you can choose to send reminders on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, the following Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

  2. Sending Reminders: After these settings are saved, CORE sends reminders to eligible employees on the same day and time, every week. This ensures that employees are regularly reminded to submit their time cards, helping to maintain consistency and accuracy in time tracking.

  3. Follow Up with Reminders: CORE also allows for the setting up of follow-up reminders if the employees have not submitted their time cards after the initial reminder. These follow-up reminders can be set to be sent every 24, 48, or 72 hours later, providing additional prompts to ensure time cards are submitted.

  4. Enable/Disable Monitoring: CORE provides a toggle button that allows you to enable or disable the time card reminders easily. This gives you the flexibility to manage the reminder system based on your current needs or preferences.

  5. Check Eligibility: There's a feature to check the eligible employees for time card monitoring and identify those profiles that haven't been set up yet. This helps in ensuring that all relevant employees are included in the monitoring system.

Time Card Monitoring is designed to help manage and monitor time card submissions effectively, ensuring that time tracking is accurate and up-to-date. Check out Settings > Monitor Time Cards for details.

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