Why is my Commission Earned report blank?

Typically, commission earned is calculated as:

Commission Earned = Sales Amount x Percentage of commission mentioned in Commission Profile

If your Commission Earned report is blank, it could be due to a few reasons:

  1. No closed opportunities: The report shows data when an opportunity is closed (won) with the Quote Amount or Proposal Amount. If there are no such closed opportunities, the report will be blank.
  2. Commission Profile assignment: Ensure that the salesperson assigned to the opportunity is linked to a commission profile. If not, then the commission won’t be calculated. To assign a salesperson to the commission profile, go to Settings > CRM > Commission Profiles and navigate to the Team Members tab.
  3. Matching line items: The report compares quote or proposal line items to commission line items. If there’s no match, it won’t fetch data to calculate commission.
  4. Pre-tax revenue: Commissions are based on pre-tax revenue. If the opportunities closed do not have associated revenue before tax, this could result in a blank report.
  5. Discounts: If commissions are calculated after discounts and no revenue remains post-discount, the report will be blank.

If you have checked these areas and the report is still blank, you might want to review the Commission Profiles screen to ensure they are set up correctly. Check CORE Help Center for details

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