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CORE Community is user forum - a place to ask questions, find answers, join discussions and view announcements about CORE. All CORE users should join this group to stay up to date on CORE, connect with other users, and interact with BQE CORE experts. Click to watch a video on using CORE Community:

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The CORE Community Forum consists of topic categories under which you can add relevant posts to ask questions or start a discussion. Other CORE users and BQE experts can answer questions and post comments. Posts might include tips, feature requests, or questions. Comments might include answers, observations, clarifications, or any other response that's part of a typical community discussion. Please note that you can add hyperlinks or images to posts but can’t embed videos.

Community Rules

Here are a few rules to follow:

  • As a community member, you need to create a user profile and sign in to read posts, add posts, and comment on posts. CORE Community allows you to create aliases in your user profiles. 
  • This community is for CORE users. You should have an active CORE subscription or a trial account to participate in this community. 
  • No spam will be tolerated. You will be removed from the forum if you post spam, offensive language, or inappropriate images.
  • Be respectful, courteous and helpful to one another.
  • A good, light-hearted sense of humor is welcome.

Benefits of CORE Community

The main benefits of having this user forum are:

  • You can stay up to date by accessing company news and product announcements firsthand without any delays.
  • This forum is well-organized and accessible, making it easy for all CORE users to join and participate in discussions. It allows for discussions to be categorized by a range of topics such as Tips & Tricks, Feature Requests, Announcements, Accounting, etc.
  • It allows you to communicate with BQE experts and connect with other CORE users—seek suggestions, tips, and answers to questions.
  • It allows you to search content and apply filters in the Posts list view. You can follow posts, members and their comments, vote on posts, and getting notified about them via email. 
  • You can share a link to a comment on an article or a post to point users to the exact answer or solution using the Permalink Copy-Paste option. 
  • This content is searchable and accessible from within your Core account via the Help menu > Core Resource Center.
  • You get an alternative channel of seeking support besides phone or email technical support.

Please check out the Policy and Procedures of this community forum.

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