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If you need any assistance regarding CORE, we have a knowledgebase for you called CORE Help Center that offers search-based help articles, videos, FAQs and best practices on all features. It has a responsive design and so the layout adapts to the device you are using, whether a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone. Alternatively, you can access CORE Help Center directly from any browser and bookmark the page for the future. The in-app CORE Resource Center also provides access to this CORE Help Center.

How To

Access CORE Help Center

Search CORE Help Center

Print Help Articles

Contact BQE

Access CORE Help Center

You can access the main CORE Help Center either from the in-app Help menu > CORE Resource Center or by visiting the CORE Help Center site.

To access help:

  1. Navigate to the bottom-left of CORE and click Help help-01.png on the side menu.

    crc help menu.png

  2. CORE Resource Center displays and allows you to choose the Help option. 
  3. Here you can choose any contextual or suggested help articles from the list or type your question in the top search bar. 

    Access CORE help New.png
  4. The help article opens in a separate window on the right. You can open the full view of the CORE Help Center, if needed.

Search CORE Help Center

To search any help center articles:

  1. In CORE, click help-01.png on the side menu to access CORE Resource Center and then click Help to open a list of relevant articles from CORE Help Center. 

    Search CORE Help New.png

  2. Enter a keyword or question in the Search bar at the top and press Enter to display the search results. Select the relevant help article from the list of suggested articles.
  3. Alternatively, you can directly go to CORE Help Center from your browser and enter a keyword or question in the Search box. Press Enter to display the search results. Select the relevant help article from the list of suggested articles. 


  • Search results are ranked based on their relevance. Example: If a keyword appears in the title, its rank is higher than the keyword in the topic body.
  • By default, it uses the OR search logic when you type multiple keywords and displays results with any of the keywords. Example: If you enter Chart of Accounts, it brings up all the help articles with any of these words (chart or accounts) in them.
  • For a specific phrase or topic search, enter your keywords or question in quotation marks to enable the AND search logic and get specific results. This displays results with all the keywords. Example: If you enter "Chart of Accounts" with double quotation marks, it brings up only those help articles that contain all the keywords (chart and accounts) in them. Check out this article for details.

Print Help Articles

You can print the CORE Help Center articles just like any other web page in a browser. 

  • You can right-click on the web page and select print.png Print.
  • You can click Ctrl+P on any web page to print it.
  • You can go into your browser settings and click Print.

Contact BQE

You can contact BQE Software via email or phone in case you need any information, services or have any questions. All these options are available via the in-app CORE Resource Center. You can also post your questions or provide feedback on CORE Community. Click here to contact us.

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