Running BQE ePayments reports

If you have set up BQE ePayments in your CORE account, the BQE ePayments merchant portal allows you to run some useful reports that provide details about all your online transactions. You can also run more ePayments reports from the CORE > Reports screen itself (for example, ePayments Details).

To run the reports from the merchant portal, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ePayments screen in CORE from the side menu > Settings.
  2. In your BQE ePayments profile, click Manage Account on the top-right to launch the BQE ePayments merchant portal.

    ePayments Profile.png

  3. On the merchant portal login screen, enter the same merchant Username and Password that you used when registering for BQE ePayments and then click Log In.

    merchant portal login.png

  4. From the merchant portal Dashboard, open the Reports section from the left menu > Admin > Reports.

    select report.png

  5. From the drop-down, select a report that you want to run, say Disbursement Txn Details.
  6. For the Disbursement Txn Details report, apply filters as follows:
    1. Make sure you select the option Include all up to date data.
    2. Select the Report Date, say This Month.
    3. Now click on Advanced Filters and make sure to include the column Order Number on the report. It is mapped to the CORE invoice number and helps you identify the invoices to which the transactions are linked.

    db txn details gen.png

  7. Click Generate Report to run the report with the applied filters.
  8. Some of the columns on the report may not be completely visible, so it is a good idea to export the report to .CSV or .XLS (Excel) format.

    export to excel.png
  9. Similarly, you can generate the other reports and export them for better visibility.

Note: The Advanced Filters option is not available for all reports.

Report Descriptions

Here are some of the most important reports that you can run from the merchant portal:

Disbursement Txn Details

This report shows a breakdown of all the sales (client payments) and refunds (if any) processed in the last disbursement. It shows details of the transaction processed such as the cardholder name, payment method, status, transaction ID, fees, etc.

db txn details desc.png

Balance Details

This report provides an overview of the processed and pending income, expenses, and net amount, providing insights into the number of transactions that comprise the calculated amounts. Below the summary, you can find a list of processed or pending transactions and fees.

balance details rpt.png

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