Handling returns and refunds in BQE ePayments

If the online payments for your invoices are returned or you initiate a refund via the merchant portal for some reason, CORE automatically handles this. CORE marks the invoices as unpaid and creates a negative payment record of type Return or Refund. CORE also creates a negative line item for the refund or return in the next ePayment deposit. Additionally, CORE creates General Journal entries for these transactions to balance out the accounting. For a retainer invoice payment that is returned or refunded, CORE simply voids the retainer payment and creates the balancing journal entry. CORE also notifies you of the refunds and returns so that you stay informed.

Note: CORE does not handle partial refunds. The payment is always refunded in full. Also, for a retainer payment, if the refunded or returned amount is more than the available retainer balance, CORE is not able to void the payment record and you need to make adjustments manually.

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