Searching CORE Help Center

Here are some best practices and recommendations for searching CORE Help Center. Following these practices will allow you to get the relevant search results and help assistance on CORE. Make sure to check your search keywords or phrases so they are relevant to CORE. 

Note: You can filter your search results by the source and type of content using the options on the left (e.g., Articles, Community, Topic, etc.)

Searching in case of multiple words:

  • You must use double quotes (") around each word to find content that contains all those words. For example, "article" "title" "section" "author" gets content that contains all these four words, in any order. 
  • Make sure you put spaces between the search words, otherwise the search handles the text as one string.
  • You'll get results if there is a stemmed version of a word (e.g. articles). You won't get hits where content contains only the words title and section, for example. 
  • If you use single quotes (') around a word, the single quotes are ignored.  If you search for 'article' 'title' 'section' 'author', you'll see hits for all content that contains any of the words title or article or section or author (exactly as if you had searched without the single quotes).

Searching in case of a phrase:

  • Use double quotes (") around a phrase to find content that contains all the words in that phrase.
    For example, "article title" retrieves all content that contains the words article and title, in that order.  You'll also get results if there is a stemmed version of the word (e.g. articles).  You won't get results where content contains only the word title, for example.
  • If you use single quotes (') around a phrase, the single quotes are ignored. 

Searching in case of excluding certain words

  • Use the minus operator (-) in front of the search term to find content that does not include that word or phrase. For example, reporting bugs -support returns content containing the words reporting and bugs, but excludes those that contain the word support from the result set.

Searching for advanced results:

  • You can combine the operands to find a very specific set of results. For example, "reporting bugs" -support returns hits for content that contains both the words reporting and bugs, but does not contain the word support.

Source: Zendesk Help Center

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