Tracking client performance

Over time, and as your business matures, you will hopefully get hired to do many projects for the same clients. You’ll want to evaluate each project, how it performs, and how profitable it is. It could be that one project went really well, and the rest are losers. Or perhaps the client is your biggest source of revenue yet has an extremely low effective bill rate. 

This is why the Clients > Performance screen is important in CORE.

There are many things that you want to calculate over the years, and the software you have used has given you the ability to run reports, export them into Excel, and start writing formula to get these high-level metrics. Depending on the complexity of the calculation, and the ease with which the source data you need can be obtained, this could take hours to produce. The large amount of time it takes to produce these kinds of calculations can mean a low reporting frequency.

The problem with low frequency reporting is that you live and work in a world where things happen fast. You need information to make quick decisions and need the infrastructure to make this all happen about as rapidly as you can think about it.

With CORE’s Client Performance screen, you can get these calculations in a click.

There's no need to run reports for the common, high-level stuff. In a glance, you can see your work-in-progress, retainer balance, billing information, any write up/down amounts, and client hours. 

Your Billing information is shown so you know right away how much has been paid and how much is due. Remember, you are looking at this at the client level, so this is across all your projects.

Work in Hand is a term used a lot in construction. It refers to how much work you have that hasn’t been completed yet. We often call that as WIP.

Earned Value shows you how much you have billed against the total you're supposed to bill. Take the total billed, divide by the total billable, and you have your earned value. So if your total billed amount is $267,614, and your total billable amount on the job is $284,034, then your earned value is 94%.

These metrics and the rest that you find on the Clients > Performance screen help you see at a glance if the client’s projects are on track. You have similar information in the Projects screen where you can see the same information for an individual project. There's also an immensely helpful Employee Performance screen too.

If you're a project manager, you might want to go through the Clients > Performance screen client by client and see which ones might need more attention. Then from there, you would venture into the specific projects to see which ones are off track.

All in all this substantially speeds up the process of project management because you can quickly identify where your attention is needed. Check CORE Help Center for details on this.

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