Evaluating employee performance

When you hire and pay employees, the hope is that they will produce products or services. While every individual brings important intangibles to their team, on the hard numbers side, for every dollar you pay them there should be a number of dollars in both gross and net revenue that are produced. The Employees > Performance screen in BQE CORE gives you a really powerful 360-degree view of how that employee is “paying off.” With it, you can get a precise, accurate quantitative understanding of your employees in real-time without doing any calculations. When you take these metrics into consideration alongside your qualitative thoughts about your staff, you can evaluate their performance in a fresh and holistic way.

Employee Performance Screen

To access the Employees > Performance screen you need to go to the side menu > Contacts > Employees. In the list view, you can click on any row to see the employee details and go to the Performance tab. Here you will find some valuable metrics at a glance, including:

  • Effective Bill Rate

  • Effective Cost Rate

  • Minimum Bill Rate

  • Ideal Pay Rate

If your Effective Cost Rate is much higher than your Ideal Pay Rate, then you need to look at how you can improve this. For information on what all these terms mean and how they are calculated, check CORE Help Center. 

High Level Metrics

  • Utilization

  • Margin

  • Billing

  • Hours

Normally, you would have to run reports and calculate this information yourself, but CORE gives it to you in the form of performance metrics or dashboard widgets, and even performance reports. When looking at employee performance, you can see right away what the utilization is. In other words, you can instantly know how productive and profitable employees are.

Permissible Hours and Gross Margins

Finally, at the bottom of the screen, you can see an overview of permissible hours and gross margins. Permissible hours illustrate vacation, holiday, sick, and comp hours at a glance. Gross margins give you a quick look at how profitable that employee is. This is another example of information that would normally take some time to put together, but here you have it laid out and easy to access.

With all this information in one screen, you'll get much more valuable insights into how exactly your staff is contributing to your company.  

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