How to delete time entries?

You can delete time entries in CORE using the below steps:  

  1. Open the Time Entries screen and select the entries to be deleted.
  2. Click Actions > Delete.
  3. To delete a single entry only, you can use the row action menu instead and click Delete.
  4. In Time Card, you can select rows to delete and then use the Actions > Remove selected rows, provided the selected entries have not been submitted, approved or billed.

However, you cannot delete a time entry in the following cases:

  • If it is associated with a vendor bill or credit card
  • If it has already been billed or marked as ‘Billed’
  • If you cut a check for that time entry in the Write Checks screen
  • If your company has the DCAA compliance option applied in Settings
  • If you do not have permission to delete time entries as per your security settings
  • If it falls out of the set date range specified in Settings > Time & Expenses > Time Entry
  • If it falls beyond the company's closing date
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