Restricting employee access to reports

To restrict or limit the reports an employee can run and view in CORE, you must provide employees access to limited reports and also setting up their report permissions. To do so:

  1. Open the Manage Access screen (Settings > Access & Permissions) and assign the relevant projects, activities, and expenses to your employees.
  2. Make sure to apply Manage Access to the Reports feature. Check CORE Help Center for details.
  3. Now open the Security Permissions screen (Settings > Access & Permissions) and select an employee on the grid.
  4. On the Customize Profile screen, switch to the Reports tab.
  5. Unselect all the report names that you do not want the employee to access and click Save. Check CORE Help Center for details.

As a result of this, employees will be able to run only the reports they have been granted access to and on those reports, they can see the data of only those projects that are assigned to them.

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