Setting up bill rates based on job classification

The Classification feature in CORE can be used in conjunction with a fee schedule to create a custom set of rates depending on the employee’s job title or classification in the company. In this example, employee AM has two titles:

  • Junior Architect, which is his default title. His default Bill Rate is $80/hour as defined in the Employees screen.
  • Junior Consultant, separate rate defined in the Fee Schedules.

To set up rates based on job classification or title:

  1. Open the Fee Schedules screen and create a new schedule wherein employee ‘AM’ does consulting work at a bill rate of $100 instead of his default $80.
  2. Set up the individual activities or use activity groups for this employee. Check Create New Fee Schedules for details.
  3. Now assign this fee schedule to a project. This can be done from the Projects screen or Fee Schedules screen. Check Assign Fee Schedules to Projects for details.
  4. Next, in the Time Entries screen, enter time for the employee AM.

CORE looks at the fee schedule first to get the rates, depending on the employee-activity match found there. In case of similar matches, it looks at the priority and pulls that rate. It also brings the appropriate classification from the fee schedule (Jr. Consultant). However, you can change it here, if desired, in the detail view. 

If there was no fee schedule assigned to the project, CORE would get the rates and classification from the Employees screen instead ($80/hour and Jr. Architect). 

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