Calculating overtime

CORE has the ability to calculate overtime for employees and consultants using the Overtime Calculator. This feature calculates and adjusts the overtime entries, taking into account any fee schedules, rules or rate changes.

To calculate overtime:

  1. First of all, set your employee Bill Rate, Pay Rate and Overtime Bill Rate in the Employees screen. 
  2. Next, set the standard working hours per day and per week for the employee. Check Set Up Overtime Information for details. Typically, we can use the ‘Automatic Overtime’ checkbox to automatically calculate the overtime based on these rates and standard hours. However, to use the Overtime Calculator, keep it unchecked.
  3. In the Time Entries screen, enter time for an employee, including any extra time worked.
  4. Now, open the Overtime Calculator and select this employee on the grid.
  5. Click Calculate Overtime and set up the date range and other options for calculating overtime. 
  6. Click Calculate Overtime. CORE analyses all the time entries and calculates the overtime on them, if any. Check Calculate Overtime for details.
  7. Now go back to the Time Entries screen and review your time entries. CORE splits the entries accordingly into regular time and overtime with the proper rates. E.g., 13 hours entered for a day gets split into 8 hours regular time at $80/hour and 5 hours overtime at $120/hour. 


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