Restricting employees to allocated time

Employee has been allocated 4 hours of work against a project. How do I lock the system so that the employee can enter only 4 hours against that project?

This can be achieved by the following:

  1. Open the Allocation & Forecasting screen in CORE.
  2. In the Show: Employee mode, assign 4 hours to an employee against the selected project and activity.
  3. Make sure the Start date is set accordingly. Click Done. Check Allocate Tasks to Employees for details.

We now need to apply a rule to this project:

  1. Open the Projects screen and select the relevant project on the grid.
  2. In its detail view, go to the General > Assignment tab.
  3. Click Add Rule and select the rule: Prevent time entry after reaching allocated hours.
  4. Click Add and save the information. Check Assign Rules to Projects for details.
  5. To test if this works, go to the Time Card screen.
  6. Filter the data by the relevant employee and project.
  7. Try entering more hours than the allocated value, i.e., 5 hours. On clicking Save, you are notified about the exceeding hours and cannot save the entry.  
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