Handling vendor expenses

You may have sub-contractors, consultants or vendors working on your projects and want to include their expenses in the contract amount. CORE allows you to handle this easily as a part of its workflow and functionality. 

Project Setup

  1. While setting up a project, you can specify the service as well as expense part of the overall contract amount. These expenses are related to your consultants and vendors.
  2. On the Projects > Settings > Assignment tab, click Add Rule.
  3. Select the rule Include billable expenses in the contract amount. This allows you to treat the vendor expenses as part of the overall contract. Check Assign Rules to Projects for details.

Budget Setup

  1. Create a budget. Make sure to specify the expense items for the vendors in it.
  2. Assign this budget to the above project. Check Assign Budgets to Projects for details.


  1. On receiving a bill from the vendor, open the Vendor Bills screen.
  2. Click Create New to enter a vendor bill. 
  3. Select the vendor and then enter the bill reference number as well as a memo, if any, besides the project, item, units and rate. You can enter multiple lines. Check Create Vendor Bills for details.
  4. Click Done and then Save. When the vendor bill is saved, it creates an expense entry automatically.
    Notice that the Extra flag is not checked (show this field from More > Columns). It means that the value of these expense items will not add separately to the invoice.
  5. In the Invoices screen, notice the expense entries flowing through. You can see the billable services as well as expenses there. You can process the invoices as usual.
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