Money deposited via ACH is removed from bank account

User has set up the ACH transfer account using BQE ePayments in CORE and noticed that sometimes the money received from a client via ACH is deposited into the user's bank account only to be removed later. 

This can happen if the ACH payment has failed (returned) due to some issue on your client's end. Here are a few scenarios where this can happen:

  • Your client does not have sufficient funds in the account to make the ACH payment.
  • Your client enters the correct routing number but mistypes the bank account number when making the ACH payment.

Because BQE ePayments expediates ACH funding for a better cash flow to merchant accounts, it is possible that the funds are disbursed even before the transactions are fully cleared. Typically, ACH transactions can take up to 5 business days, but BQE ePayments funds the ACH transaction much faster than that (around 3 days). That is why it is possible for an ACH payment to be received but then returned. In such cases, the money deposited into your account is withdrawn, and your client needs to be informed to make a fresh payment.

To avoid such a situation, you can inform your clients to initiate the ACH payment with sufficient funds and enter the correct bank account information. One way to do that is to add a note in the email that you send out to your clients when requesting the payments.

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