How does CORE handle BQE ePayments deposits?

When you create an ePayments profile in the Settings > ePayments screen, you have to specify the CORE bank account where the ePayments are to be deposited and an expense account where it logs the charges (e.g., processing fee) for the online payments. When a client pays you via ePayments and that payment is processed successfully, CORE automatically creates the payment transaction and even the deposit on the specified bank account. It also logs the processing fees against the specified expense account. However, the money is actually deposited in your bank account in daily batches (referred to as payouts) and each payout can include multiple payments grouped together as one deposit and it depends upon which payments are cleared at the time of payout. 

BQE ePayments charges a $0.30 fee per payout, but as of now, this charge is not automatically posted against the expense account nor reconciled. To make sure your CORE bank account reflects this charge after the payout happens, you must create a New Funds deposit on the account with the following details:

  • Amount: $-0.30
  • From Account: The expense account where you want to log the payout fee

Check CORE Help Center for more on creating deposits

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