How to use BQE Payments? (Beta)

CORE allows your clients to pay their invoices electronically or online from anywhere in the world using its ePayments feature, called BQE Payments. BQE Payments provides marketplaces, SaaS businesses, and ISOs with a flexible payment platform. If you are a CORE billing user, an admin user or an account owner, BQE Payments PayFac (Payment Facilitator) model for ePayments gives you the ability to share the  payment processing options with your clients to cut down on the time it takes to collect payments from them. It also sets up payment processing options for your company that work with your existing banks. This way the company financials are seamlessly integrated into the CORE billing and accounting system. You will have a predictable cash flow and invoice collection mechanism to focus on building the practice more confidently.

In CORE, you have to set up the ePayments options in Global Settings and then choose whether to enable BQE Payments at the global level for all clients or selectively enable that at the client, project, or invoice level. BQE Payments can be used for regular invoices, statements, retainer invoices as well as late fee invoices.

Here are the important steps for setting up and using BQE Payments in CORE:

  1. Set up BQE Payments profiles: To start offering the online payment option to your clients, you need to configure a BQE Payments profile in Global Settings. You first need to set up a BQE Payments account by clicking Get Started there. CORE launches a new tab where you need to fill in the details for your account. After your new account is processed, you are notified by email and can create multiple profiles. Your clients must have a credit card, debit card, or bank account to make online payments. Check CORE Help Center for details on setting up BQE Payments.
  2. Set or change online payment account at client, project, or invoice level: After you have configured the BQE Payments profiles in Global Settings, the default profile is inherited by all new clients. Similarly, all new projects inherit them from the clients, and all new invoices inherit them from their projects. However, you can enable, disable or change the online payment accounts in the Clients, Projects, or Invoices screens, as required. 
  3. Specify online payments for retainers or invoices: You can also enable, disable or change the online payment accounts in the Invoice Collections and Retainers screens, if required.
  4. Email invoices and receive payments: After you have enabled BQE Payments and selected the online payment account for invoices, your clients can click on the Pay Now button on invoices and pay electronically from the ePayments portal (full or partial payments). The invoices reflect the ePayments Status accordingly. After payments are processed successfully by BQE Payments, CORE  deposits them in the bank. These payments are non-refundable and include any processing fees. Check out the BQE Payments FAQs.
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