Commonly used reports in CORE

When you want deeper insights into your business, CORE has an array of reports at your disposal. The Report Center screen is where you can see the complete library of reports available in CORE (more than 120). With so many reports to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the most important to run a regular basis and which ones you need to run in certain situations.

CORE offers many reports to help you stay on top of your business. Here are five reports that can be beneficial for your business:

  • Personal Time Off Usage - Provides the personal time off (PTO) usage information for employees. Organized by employee or project, the report displays total number of sick, vacation, and comp hours used.
  • Time and Expenses - Provides information about time and expenses charged to projects. Organized by project or employee, the report displays time and expense details such as hours and expense units logged, bill amount, etc.
  • Project Performance - Provides a quick snapshot of your project accounts. The report displays the account summary, including service and expense amounts, invoices, retainers and payments. For parent projects, it shows the cumulative account details for all their phases.
  • Client Retainer Summary - Provides a summary of retainers received from clients. Organized by client, the report displays client and project retainers paid, applied, and remaining.
  • Work-in-Hand - Provides information that helps to determine how much work is in hand. Organized by project or client, the report displays a list of projects to be started or completed.

Below is a list of other commonly-used reports in CORE. 

Category Report Name
Top 5 Reports
    1. Personal Time Off Usage
    2. Time and Expenses
    3. Project Performance
    4. Client Retainer Summary
    5. Work-in-Hand
Top Project Management Reports
    1. Contract Analysis
    2. Budget Comparison
    3. Budget Comparison Summary
    4. Budget Comparison by Phase
    5. Budget Comparison by Employee
    6. Employee Allocation Units
    7. Project Allocation Units
    8. Project Profitability
    9. Project Time and Expense
    10. Employee utilization
    11. Project Account Details
    12. Cost Analysis
    13. Earned Value
    14. Employee Realization Rate
Top Time & Expense Tracking Reports
    1. Project Expenses
    2. Time Verification
    3. Time Details
    4. Expense Details
Top Billing Reports
    1. Billing Details
    2. Write up/down
    3. Percentage Billed
    4. AR Aging
    5. AR Aging with Credit Payments
    6. WIP Reconciliation
    7. Work In Progress
    8. Gross Margin
    9. Cash Flow vs. Revenue
Top Accounting Reports
    1. Profit and Loss Cash
    2. Profit and Loss comparison Accrual
    3. Profit and Loss comparison Cash
    4. Balance Sheet Accrual
    5. Balance Sheet Cash
    6. AP Aging
    7. AP Aging with Credits
    8. General Ledger
    9. General Ledger Cash
Top Used Reports
    1. Project Time entries
    2. Employee Time Card Summary
    3. Time Card Week View
    4. Project List
    5. Invoice Register
    6. Employee Time Detail
    7. Employee Missing Time Week View
    8. Employee Expenses
    9. Time and Expenses by Parent Project
    10. Time Card Cross Tab
    11. Employee Performance
    12. Payroll
    13. Monthly Billing Statement
    14. Employee Daily Time Card
    15. Overdue Invoices
    16. Cash Receipts
    17. Statement
    18. Project Contract Status
    19. Payment Details
    20. Billed Time and Expenses
    21. Employee Paid Time Off Comparison
    22. Monthly Profit and Loss Accrual Basis
    23. WIP with AR
    24. Client Transactions
    25. Activity by Project
    26. Employee Paid Time Off Hours
    27. AR Aging 5 Steps
    28. Actual and Billing Hours Comparison
    29. Account Transactions
    30. Employee Profitability
    31. Employee Project Utilization
    32. Statement by Client (Accountant)
    33. Employee Half Monthly Time Card
    34. Monthly Profit and Loss Cash Basis
    35. Gross Margin Real Time
    36. Retainer Status by Client
    37. Trial Balance Accrual Basis
    38. Aged WIP with AR
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