CORE-QuickBooks Desktop accounting integration

User wants to integrate QuickBooks Desktop with CORE to do the accounting functions in CORE, but is not able to set it up as needed. 

Integrating the two programs vi the in-built integration feature is not enough to provide the details needed for accounting. When you integrate with QuickBooks, certain data like chart of accounts and vendor bills is brought into CORE as required. However, specific data, like vendor bill payments, aren't brought in. Before you use the CORE-QuickBooks Integration utility, you must have proper accounting setup. Check CORE Help Center for details. This integration is meant to bring in project-related data to allow you to begin using CORE while continuing to use QuickBooks in the meantime. However, if you want to use CORE for full accounting purposes, consider reaching out to the Data Migration Team for assistance. You can contact your Account Manager at for this.

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