Changing email address of CORE users

If you want to change the email addresses of CORE users, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your company menu > Account > Manage Users.
  2. Select the user account for which you want to change the email address and delete it using the Delete option in the Actions menu.
  3. Now go to the Employees screen.
  4. Select the employee you have deleted in the Manage Users screen and remove the old email address. Instead of that, enter the new email address and save it.
  5. Next, go to the Manage Users screen again.
  6. Select the employee for which you have added the new email address and was previously removed from this screen. Make sure the correct email address shows up for this user.
  7. Send a new invitation to this user. After the user gets the invitation via email and accepts it, there should be no problem in logging in through the new account.

In case you want to change the email for the Owner account as well, you have to transfer the ownership to any other user account first and after changing the email, you can transfer the ownership back to that user.

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