Percent complete value on invoices

User has a project phase that was quoted as $1000, but wants to charge only $461 for it. However, the user wants the invoice to show up as 100% complete. The project has been updated to show it is 100% complete, but the invoice still states 46% complete because only 46% of the fee has been charged. The user did not check the option Generate invoice amount based on % Complete values when applicable in the Invoices > Create Batch Invoice screen. How does the invoice show the % Complete value that is in the Projects screen? 

A Core standard invoice template shows, say, 25% complete if you have billed 25% of the contract fee. This is by design in Core that for a fixed project that is being billed only a part of the contract amount, it shows the % complete of that part only. This is calculated dynamically at the batch invoice level, not from the Projects screen. According to the current Core logic, it pulls the % Complete value from the Create Batch Invoice screen. 

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