What is CORE Payroll?

CORE offers a convenient Payroll module for your company that allows you to calculate the wages of permanent and temporary employees (salaried, hourly, and contract employees) and process their payroll at the specified frequency. This CORE Payroll feature considers the employee attendance (time entry), salary, bonus, overtime, deductions, pay items, tax rules and other payroll details to generate the paychecks of the employees. It works with other modules like Time & Expense and Accounting to allow you to work on all of your company needs within a single environment. 

CORE Payroll helps you pay the government the taxes withheld from the employees’ paychecks as well as any taxes you owe as an employer. You can also file tax forms that give you a comprehensive report on what you owe and what you paid the government agencies. There are various reports and dashboard widgets available to help you manage and track the payroll process in your company.

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