CORE Features and Benefits

Some of the main features and benefits that CORE has to offer you are:

Dashboard Provides real-time, graphical information for executives and managers to make important and quick decisions
Notifications and Reminders Allows you to stay on top of things to do. Reminds you of important deadlines and dates
Project Budgeting Enables you to manage projects effectively and profitably
Allocation and Forecasting Allows you to manage everyone's workload and work within deadlines
Calendar Manages your time, appointments and events
Time Entry Allows you to track time for accurate billing and job costing
Expense Entry Allows you to track expenses for job costing and internal administration
Personal Time Off Allows you to manage your personal time off
Classes Helps you stay organized by categorizing and tracking your transactions
Custom Fields and Labels Allows you to save and track unique information. You can customize the terminology to suit your preferences
Billing Schedules Saves your time by scheduling recurring billing for your projects
Fee Schedules Gives you the option to use special rates under specific situations
Timers Allows you to track time in 'real-time' on multiple projects
Recurring Transactions Saves your time and efforts by automating your processes of generating bills, invoices and checks
Payments and Collections Manages your payments and revenue, and enables you to stay on top of your outstanding invoices
Vendor Bills Helps you manage your accounts payable, thus reducing your liabilities
Account Reconciliation Helps you maintain accurate finances and accounts
Cloud Feeds Removes the hassle of downloading your bank statements and other cloud feeds by importing them into your CORE accounts
Reports Enables informed decision making by providing useful information to managers and stakeholders. You can customize, schedule and memorize your reports. Financial reports allow drilling down to the details.
Messages Allows you to stay connected with other CORE users and be better informed
Data Integration Gives you the freedom to manage your business from where you want by allowing syncing of data with your accounting system, say QuickBooks, Xero or MYOB AccountRight. Its cloud storage feature supports and integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
Auto Complete Saves your time by letting you use shorthand codes
Overtime Calculator Reduces chances of errors and saves time with its automatic overtime calculations
To-Dos Allows you to better manage your tasks and appointments
Cloning Reduces editing and data setup time by creating copies

Geocoding Technology

Provides easy access and navigation to addresses


CORE offers seamless globalization of your data. Hence, currency, numeric and date data is always formatted according to the company preferences as opposed to regional settings. Your locale has no effect on the date, currency or numeric formats.


Allows you to attach files of all kinds to your records for easy management and tracking

Currency Manager

Manages all your currencies if you are dealing with foreign transactions and expenses in multiple currencies

Employee Control and Project Assignments

Allows you to assign specific items to your employees and projects


Provides full-blown A/R and A/P modules including deposits, checks, transfers, registers and general journal

Retainer Management

Allows you to request and receive retainers at the project and client level

Security Permissions

Offers a complete built-in but customizable security system. Allows employees to enter time but limits access to confidential information.

CORE Mobile

Native mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones that allow you to use CORE anytime and anywhere

LEDES Export

You can export CORE invoices to the LEDES format used by the legal industry.


You can manage your human resources in CORE, such as their benefits, salary, journals, incidents, forms, etc.


CORE uses the voice recognition technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow you to converse with it via devices such as Google Home or Google Assistant.  


CORE provides a fully-integrated, all-in-one CRM solution that compliments the existing CORE platform.

Two-Factor Authentication

CORE users have an extra layer of security by enabling 2FA on their accounts and choosing text, voice call or email as authentication options.

Stripe and AffiniPay Integration

CORE integrates with AffiniPay and Stripe to offer your clients different ways to make online payments via credit cards or ACH transfers.

Office 365 Integration

You can integrate with Office 365 so as to sync your Microsoft 365 Outlook/Hotmail/Exchange calendar events with the CORE Calendar.

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