CORE-Google Integration


Note: Help content (except videos) has been updated to reflect the UI/UX changes in CORE.

CORE allows you to integrate with Google Calendar by connecting your Google account with CORE. After you have connected to your Google account from the Integrations screen, you can view your synced Google calendars in CORE. The list of calendars in CORE matches what you have in your Google Calendar.

In CORE Calendar, you can see your synced Google calendar events and also be able to create new events. Any events you create in CORE and designate to one of your Google calendars syncs back to it. If you sign into your Google Calendar, you can see all the events created in CORE that are designated to your Google Calendar. Any edits to the events from the Google Calendar are reflected in CORE and vice versa. CORE works with event attachments as well. If you add attachments to events in CORE, they are uploaded to Google Drive and, similarly, CORE needs to download attachments linked to events in Google Calendar from there. You can show/hide specific Google Calendars from within the CORE Calendar screen and also manually sync your calendars to ensure you have the latest event data. Additionally, you can create time entries from your calendar events. Click to watch this video on integrating with Google Calendar.


Note: This is an individual-level user integration and not a company-level integration.

Field Descriptions

How To

Connect to Google

Specify Sync Settings

Field Descriptions

Field Name Field Description
Integrations > Google Settings >
Account Email address of your Google account (Gmail).
Nickname Display name of your Google account, say Gmail Office.
Sync Settings: Calendar Here you can select the Google services for synchronization with CORE. You can select the Google calendars to sync with CORE Calendar, say Birthdays, Holidays, or your personal calendar.


Connect to Google

To connect CORE to your Google account, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Integrations screen from the side menu > Settings.

    Connect to Google.png

  2. On the Applications panel, click Connect on the Google row. For details, check Integrations: Connect Your Google Account.

The accounts are connected and you can choose to view your Google Calendar in CORE.

Specify Sync Settings

CORE provides you the ability to sync the CORE Calendar data with your Google Calendar. But before doing that, you must review the synchronization rules and settings for a smooth data integration between the two programs.

To specify your sync settings for Google, watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Open the Integrations screen from the side menu > Settings.

    Specify Sync Settings - Google Integration.png

  2. On the Applications panel, click Google on the grid (if you are already connected; else you have to connect and sign in first).
  3. On the Google Settings screen, select the default third-party connection settings, as needed. Check Field Descriptions above for details.
    • Account
    • Nickname


  4. Next, select services that you want to sync with CORE. Check Field Descriptions above for details.

    • Calendar
  5. Click Save.

Your calendars will start syncing.

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