Adding ongoing projects to CORE

If a business begins using CORE and has projects that are already in progress (ongoing), BQE has a Data Conversion Team that is dedicated to helping you transfer your existing data to CORE. Please contact your Account Manager at

You also have the option within CORE to enter an 'opening balance' for a completed or ongoing project. Check out this article to know more: Setting up opening balance for projects

To do so:

  1. Open the Projects screen from the side menu.
  2. In the list view, select a project and view its details.
  3. In the Settings > Details, click ellipsis.png to select Opening Balance. Enter the Balance As Of date, Services Billed,  Expenses Billed, and any Payments, Discounts, and Retainers applied.
  4. Click Create to finish and the opening balance is added to the project accounts. Please note that you cannot update the opening balance that has payment associated with it. Check CORE Help Center for details.
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