What is the difference between AffiniPay and Stripe?

AffiniPay and Stripe are both ePayment services that CORE has partnered with to enable your clients to make online payments for invoices. However, they are different in some aspects.

AffiniPay is a master brand that offers industry-specific payment solutions (ClientPay, LawPay, CPA Charge, and AffiniPay for Associations). On the other hand, Stripe is a unified solution that caters to all types of businesses.

Though AffiniPay and Stripe both support ACH transfers (known as eChecks in AffiniPay), there is one notable difference. Stripe requires you to set up a Plaid account for ACH transactions and connect it to your Stripe account. AffiniPay does not require any Plaid account. 

The expense account tracking is one of the differences between Stripe and AffiniPay. Unlike Stripe, AffiniPay does not levy a processing fee at the time of the charge, but instead calculates these charges on a monthly basis. This is the reason we are not able to record the processing fee at the time of the transaction and so the Expense Account is not needed in case of AffiniPay. You can create a vendor bill at the end of the month to record this expense and associate the intended expense account at the line item level. 

Another difference is how these solutions handle the processing fee of transactions. While Stripe always charges a processing fee per transaction, AffiniPay does not deduct any processing fees per transaction, but debits the total fees once monthly from a designated account.   

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