Why do we need CORE CRM?

Unlike other CRM systems that are out there, BQE CORE CRM was built to handle the specific needs of professional services companies just like yours. CORE CRM is a smart and an efficient Client Relationship Management (CRM) system built specifically for professional services companies. By adding the CORE CRM subscription to your existing CORE account, you can enjoy enhanced productivity and profitability for you and your team.

While typical CRM software can help a company manage its business development efforts, CORE CRM is the only one that offers features that were designed with your particular business in mind, such as:

  • All the tools you need for your business, not the tools offered by one-size-fits-all CRMs that cater to any businesses

  • All-in-one, fully-integrated platform. As part of a fully integrated platform CORE CRM instantly syncs its data with other CORE applications (i.e., project management and accounting), so there is no need to enter data twice or have a separate password

  • Easily create proposals and quotes using templates that can be tailored for your industry

  • End-to-end management of conversations with prospects and clients, internal communications between teams, emails, marketing campaigns, sales activities, all the way to opportunities won

  • User-based security that allows authorized managers to control read and write permissions on almost all the screens

Check out CORE Help Center for details on CORE CRM.

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