Billing in different currency than home currency

There are multiple ways to accomplish billing your clients in a different currency than what your home currency is. 

You can set the different currency on a project level if the currency is specific to this project. To do so:

  1. From the side menu, open the Projects screen.
  2. Select a project from the grid and view its details.
  3. Under General > Billing Options, you can select the currency used for the project under the Terms & Currency section.
  4. Click Save & Done. This allows invoices to show the currency selected for the project without changing the currency displayed elsewhere in CORE. Be sure to set the most current rates for the currencies you use by updating them on the company menu > Settings > Currency Manager.

Rather than setting the currency at the project level, you can also change your home currency at the company level. To change your home currency:

  1. Open the company menu > Settings > Company Profile.
  2. Set the currency to the new currency you want.
  3. Click Save. Keep in mind that changing the currency here changes the symbols and currency codes used throughout the CORE environment and will affect all your users and clients.
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