Requesting custom reports

CORE offers an array of reports and invoice templates for you to understand and track the health of your business. You can also have a report or invoice template tailored to your exact specifications, if needed. To do so, reach out to our Customization Services at

When reaching out to our Custom Reports Team, be sure to include a mock-up of the report by:

  • Marking up an existing report and detailing the end results
  • Creating a report in Excel

If your report is only adjusting columns and asking for information from other reports in CORE, list the reports and columns from the reports in the email as well. If the report is something unique, include the formulas needed for the calculation and refer to specific CORE products or fields whenever possible.

Other details you should include in your email are:

  • Purpose of the report 
  • Desired delivery method, such as PDF or Excel
  • Any options to be considered, such as sorting the report in various ways, a summary or detail section, etc.

Be aware that anything not originally mentioned before receiving a quote is not covered by the quote and will be a change order to implement.

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