Migrating to CORE from ArchiOffice with QuickBooks

When you are moving from ArchiOffice (or EngineerOffice) to CORE while using QuickBooks Online, the entire data migration process is handled by BQE consultants, with no download or installation required at your end. After the migration is complete, you are informed to proceed. Your login credentials will be the same as the older online account. You can log into CORE and get started there. Also, you can sync your data with QuickBooks without the hassle of any duplication of records. CORE preserves the QBLinkID and makes sure that none of the link IDs are missing upon migrating the data to CORE. After your data is migrated, create a new company in QuickBooks Online and sync your CORE data to it with just a few quick and easy steps. Please note that you can also switch to CORE for your accounting needs.

Check out the Migrating Your Data to BQE CORE best practices. Check out this article for details: Data Migration.


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