Authentication for CORE-Xero data integration from Oauth1.0 to Oauth2.0

BQE has upgraded the authentication for the CORE-Xero data integration from Oauth1.0 to Oauth2.0, which might cause existing connections to become invalid. After the Oauth2.0 migration, existing users of CORE-Xero data integration with already established connections will have their tokens invalidated. In the CORE > Xero Sync Detail screen, the Company Name and Country Code will be blank.  

We need to make sure that the Xero account has an active BQE CORE account connected to it. Also, existing users have to reconnect their Xero data files with the associated CORE data files. To do this:

  1. In Xero, open Settings > Connected Apps. As you can see, on the Connected tab there is no CORE data file.
  2. Now go to CORE and open the Settings > Integrations screen.
  3. On the Xero row, click Disconnect and then Connect. 
  4. You are asked to grant CORE access to your Xero account. Click Allow Access. When prompted, click Connect. On the Xero Sync Detail screen, you will see the connection between the two apps. 


  5. Back in Xero, reload the Apps > Connected tab and you will see the connected CORE app there.


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