How to I change inactive tasks to active?

You can change the status of various master records or items in Core from active or inactive and vice versa.

To do this:

  1. Open a Core screen, say Employees, from the main menu > Contacts. 
  2. In the list view, click Filter.pngFilters on the right (above the grid).
  3. On the Filters panel, select Employee Status from the filter drop-down and choose Inactive.
  4. Click Apply Filter. Now you can see inactive employees in the grid list.
  5. If you want to change its status, select a record on the grid (inactive) and click its row to select View Details.
  6. In the detail view, go to General > Details.
  7. Select the Active status from the drop-down and then click Save. You have changed the inactive employee record to active.

You can also change the status of records in a batch mode by selecting multiple records on the grid and using the Actions > Batch Update option.

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