Project billing workflow in CORE

In a company where the billing responsibilities are handled by the project managers, how can we handle the project management and billing process efficiently? 

A good approach to this is to have the project managers be responsible for reviewing and approving time and expenses (WIP) of the employees in the Time & Expense Reviewer screen. Then they can go ahead with the billing, but print/preview/email draft invoices and review them before generating the final invoices in the Invoices > Create Batch Invoice screen. If required, the project managers can send out summary report of the current WIP or billing for all the active projects to the business owner. This summary identifies which projects to bill in the current period and how much. They can also send out detailed WIP or billing reports to the owner/principal for any billing adjustments or decisions like hold-backs, write-up/downs, or discounts. The business owner that way can have the final say.

After the approval, the project managers can finalize the invoices and send them out by email or mail. They also need to track the collections process and record payments when received from the clients.

Check out these workflows in CORE:

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