No data found for sync

User is trying to send CORE data, e.g., payments, to QuickBooks Online, but nothing is sent over. The Sync Log displays the following message:

No Data found satisfying the current send settings; please check Send settings.

This can happen if the option Ignore Last Sync Date is un-checked for the data you are trying to send in QuickBooks Sync Detail > Sync Settings > Send. When this option is un-checked, CORE only sends the data that was created or updated after the Last Sync Date. If there is no new data to sync, the above message is displayed in the Sync Log. If you want to send data over even if it was created or updated before the Last Sync Date, you can keep this option checked instead. In this case, CORE does not compare the Last Sync Date with the Last Updated date of the records before sending them over. Check the CORE Help for details.

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