ArchiOffice Reports vs. CORE Reports

Former users of ArchiOffice who have migrated to CORE might be looking for specific reports from ArchiOffice. Because the programs are inherently different, the reports do not match exactly. However, below is a list of ArchiOffice reports and its closest match found in CORE.  

 ArchiOffice Reports CORE Reports
Billing Summary  Monthly Billing Statement
Invoice Register
Client List   Client List 
Client Contacts 
Project Fee Summary Invoice Register
Earned Value - Unbilled Revenue  Budget Comparison
Employee Performance  Employee Performance
Master Project Checklists  Activity Items
Payment   Statement
Payment Details
Profitability Cash Project Profitability
Project Billing Summary  Monthly Billing Statement
Retainer Report   Client Retainer Summary
Retainer Details by Project
Retainer Status by Client
 WIP with AR Aging   Aged WIP with AR
WIP Reconciliation
WIP with AR
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