How to track paid floating holidays?

If you offer paid floating holidays to your employees in addition to the regular holidays, you can create a new Accrual benefit of sub-type Vacation and name it as Floating Holidays. Set the earning rules as required. You can then assign this benefit to the employees and track its usage for each of them. For example, if you offer two such holidays per year, you need to set Benefit Period Units as Year, Earned Units as Day and then set a single earning rule as 2 days per year for 0 - 1 years when creating the benefit. CORE will use this earning rule for all subsequent years and not just the first year. If you want to lapse these holidays at the end of each year in case of non-usage, you need to assign them to the employees each year with a Start Date and End Date that describe the start and end of the year. However, if you want these to accumulate over the years and not lapse, you simply need to assign the benefit once to the employees without specifying an End DateCheck CORE Help Center for details on creating benefits and assigning them to employees.

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