Extra expenses in Percent Complete billing

User has some expenses that are part of the contract and other expenses that are 'extra' (on top of it). The user maintain this classification by manually setting the Extra flag when creating the expense entries. When using Percent Complete billing, does Core ignore the extra expenses? For example: contract amount is $1000 and $300 accounts for extra expenses; if the user bills 100%, does the Net Bill show $1000 or $1300?

When using % Complete billing, Core does not include the extra expenses as part of the contract amount spent. Core adds that expense on top of the invoice amount after it makes the % Complete calculation. In this example, when you bill 100%, Core calculates the % Complete amount to be billed as $1000 (100% of the contract amount), but then adds the $300 from extra expenses on top of it, computing the Net Bill as $1300 on the invoice. Check Core Help Center for details on Percent Complete Billing.


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