Phased invoice does not display any current expenses

When using the Phased Invoice with Expenses invoice template for a phased projects, the invoice does not show any value in the Current Expenses column at the top. It only lists the expenses after the phase summary at the bottom. How to make this column display actual expense values instead of in the list below?

The Phased Invoice with Expenses template displays the sum total of non-extra expenses in the Current Expenses column and extra expenses are listed below after the phase summary. So in this case, the column does not show any values because there might not be any non-extra expenses that you have billed for the phases. To make this column display values, you need to change the invoice template to Phased Invoice instead. This template displays the sum total of all expenses for a phase, irrespective of them being extra or not. You can change the template from the Invoices screen besides Global Settings and Projects. Check the Core Help for details.

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