Handling vendor expenses and invoices

What is the best way to handle invoices from vendors if you are not using the Accounting module (A/P) in CORE? Here is the process summary:

  1. The outside vendor sends an invoice.
  2. The invoice needs to be associated to a project, but this expense is not billable to the client.
  3. On receiving the regular monthly payment from the client, the vendor invoice is paid. 
  4. The invoice needs to be marked as paid.

It doesn't seem like vendor invoicing is the way to go in CORE because there is no way to mark those as paid. The workaround for this can be:

  1. Create a non-billable vendor expense in Lists > Expense Items. Check CORE Help Center for details.
  2. Then record the project expenses in Expense Entries. Check CORE Help Center for details.
  3. You can add a Custom Field to the expense entry to enter a vendor invoice value as you are creating these expense entries.
  4. When the client pays you, you can pay the invoice and mark these expenses as paid. Check CORE Help Center for details.
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