Zip or postal codes in Core

In many Core screens, it allows only 5 characters in the Zip/Country field. In Canada, users require 6 characters for their postal code. How can Core handle Canadian postal codes?

One option is to select or enter the relevant postal code mask in the Global Settings > Custom Labels screen for Address > Zip Code, say Canadian 6-digit format. All address fields in Core will get updated accordingly and allow you to enter the relevant code.

However, if you deal with multi-national client base (say US, Canada, UK and Australia customers) and need to enter different zip/postal codes for them in the same Core company, you can enter a generic format as a series of wildcards, say AAAAAAAAAA. You can mix and match formats like 'ABCD11' as well '12345-6789' using the same mask. Wildcard characters allow you to use

  • numbers or letters
  • dashes or spaces

Check Core Help Center for details.

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