Percent Complete billing

For Percent Complete billing, the % Complete value is brought from the Projects screen. It is stored in the invoice record when processed via the Batch Invoice option and can be displayed on the invoices. You can do percent complete billing for fixed fee or even 'Hourly Not to Exceed' projects. You can bill project phases also using % Complete values from each phase. The % Complete field in the Projects screen does not update automatically. However, if you create percent complete invoices, CORE prompts you to update the % Complete for the project. Check CORE Help for details

When creating batch invoices, you can enter or update the % Complete field and the Net Bill is calculated accordingly. Calculation of Net Bill depends on this value if that option is specified on the Create Batch Invoice > Invoice Filters & Options screen. % Complete first calculates the percentage of the total contract amount less previously billed services and then adds the project-level tax percentage on top for the current service amount that you are trying to bill. In other words, percent complete is based on the billed amount from the total contract amount. If the billed amount exceeds the contract amount, the % Complete will also exceed 100%. You cannot force the % Complete to be different from the billed amount. CORE automatically calculates your pre-tax amount and adds the tax (MST/HST). When you apply % Complete, CORE writes up or writes down (WUD) the value of time entries automatically. 

Note: Make sure to select Generate invoice amount based on % Complete values when applicable on the Invoices > Create Batch Invoice screen for invoices to reflect the project percentage changes. 

When using % Complete billing, CORE does not include the extra expenses as part of the contract amount spent. It adds that expense on top of the invoice amount after it makes the % Complete calculation. For example, when you bill 100%, CORE calculates the % Complete amount to be billed as 100% of the contract amount, but then adds the extra expenses on top of it. 

To do Percent Complete billing for a project that has no time and expenses logged to it, you must set the project rule Always show in Create Batch Invoice screen. This is because it will not show up for billing in the Create Batch Invoice screen otherwise. 

You can also do Percent Complete billing in another way. Check CORE Help Center for details here. 

Note: Manual invoices do not bill based on % Complete. 

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