How to refund client retainers and payments?

You might have recorded a general payment or a retainer from a client in CORE and later been asked to refund it entirely or partially. In case of a complete refund or cancelling the entire payment, you can delete payments or, better still, void them so that a record of that action is maintained in the database. This can be done on the Payments screen. Check CORE Help Center > Payments for details.

In case of refunding a client retainer payment, you can use the Credit Memos screen to do so.  

  1. On the Credit Memos screen, click Create New.
  2. Select Type as Refund Retainer and enter the name of the client who needs to be refunded. 
  3. A grid displays below with the client retainer record. Enter the Refund Amount against it and save it. Check CORE Help Center > Credit Memos for details.

The next step is to enter a bill payment because in the background CORE creates a system vendor bill for the above retainer refund transaction. Only then it becomes available for cutting a check to the client. If you have an Accounting subscription in CORE, you can follow the steps below. If you do not have it, you can simply cut a check from your accounting software.

  1. On the Bill Payments screen, click Create New.
  2. Choose your client as the Payee and click Continue.
  3. On the Create Bill Payments screen, enter the bank account to be used for the refund and select the Method as Check.
  4. Under the Bills section, select the refund retainer bill (type Credit Memo) and enter the refund amount as the Pay Amount. Click Save.
  5. Back in the list view, click More > Print Checks to print the client's check. Check CORE Help Center > Checks for details.
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