Core HR V2 beta released

We are happy to announce the release of a powerful Core HR Beta Version 2! You can add the HR package to your subscription free of charge till June 30, 2019. Please note that it will not renew automatically. In other words, after the free beta expiration date, you will not have access to the HR module unless you renew this package as a paid subscription or purchase a new HR subscription.

Note: To add your free HR subscription package, check the detailed steps under Purchase Subscription Packages

The flexibility provided in Core allows you to customize the HR management process according to your company's policies. With this second release, Core offers even more powerful HR management features such as:

  • Employee Incident Management
  • Employee Journal Management
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Employee Termination
  • HR Forms
  • HR Widgets and reports
  • HR-specific Security Profiles

 In the previous HR Beta version, we had the following features, which are further enhanced:

  • Benefits Assignment and Usage
  • Salary Change and History
  • HR Reports
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